Writing a biography for 2nd graders

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Introducting the Biography Genre

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Perfect for a parent-child advance club. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners, 2nd Edition. by Carol Ann Tomlinson. Table of Contents. Chapter 1. What Is a Differentiated Classroom? Apr 29,  · Each day, I had the students fill out a page in their Biography Journal so they could record their learning.

Chapter What Is a Differentiated Classroom?

Click here to get your copy of the journal:) Then as a culminating activity, the students had to interview an adult family member about his/her life.

The students will need to check out a biography book from the library to complete a biography report that we will be using for activities in future lessons.

I am having the students write this report in first person because this will be helpful for the activities we have planned. > 2nd Grade; Looking at Writing Second Grade: Writing Sample 1.

Second graders are polishing a wide range of basic writing skills, including writing legibly, using capitalization and punctuation correctly (most of the time!), and moving from invented spelling to more accurate spelling.

For most, handwriting becomes automatic, so they can. Apr 29,  · Biography Freebie! This weekend has been CRAZY busy for the hubby and me! Then they came back to school and we worked on writing a biography about that person. I am so bummed that I didn't photograph their work because they did a great job!

Down to 19 days!

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We will be doing some fun activities these last weeks with some of my.

Writing a biography for 2nd graders
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