Wood writing desks

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Technical Details

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Reclaimed Wood Finished Writing Desk

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The basic desk forms were limited mostly in the 17th and 18th spanish. A wooden writing desk.

Amish Writing Desks

This desk features a dark wood finish with five compartments and a shelf upon a shallow drawer with an open, round metal pull. The desk sits upon turned legs with a curved apron.

Please note, this is an item that may be especially difficult to move and/or transport.

Searching for Sturbridge Aged White Wood Writing Desk Farmhouse Desks And Hutches By New Forest

The Hartford Writing Desk combines bold lines with weathered, vintage elements to create a classic look that will never go out of style. Took my husband and I an hour to assemble and was very easy to assemble.

Very good quality wood and isn't that cheap wood you find in most desk.

Stratford Rustic 2-Drawer Writing Desk

I would highly recommend this desk. Date published: Levenger offers luxury fountain pens, Circa® planners, professional notebooks, quality paper, portfolios, leather bags and briefcases and other timeless gifts.

Review your to-do list or field phone calls while seated behind one of these practical writing and computer desks.

Traditional Wood Desks

Choose attractive high-quality desks for your home, cubicle or corporate building from trusted office furniture brands such as Bush and Whalen. Search Our Collection of Unfinished Wood Desks. Desks comes in various sizes and uses. So whether you are looking for a small corner desk, a long office desk or a computer desk, you can find the perfect match here, including a standing desk.

Levenger offers luxury fountain pens, Circa® planners, professional notebooks, quality paper, portfolios, leather bags and briefcases and other timeless gifts.

Wood writing desks
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