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Thesis Theme Review: Why I Give it 3 out of 5 But many of them will say thesis is a good theme for blogger when it come to SEO Tnks for your review of the Thesis Theme Firstly,I have used Thesis for 3 years.I have learnt a tremendous amount as I was a total newbie to wordpress and blogging 3 years ago I currntly updated to Thesis Why I still love The Thesis WordPress Theme.

After I took the step the self-host my primary blog, the next step that greatly helped me increase earnings was choosing a highly-customizable theme. I’ve used both the Genesis and Thesis themes before. They both give me exactly what I pay for which is good performance. For this blog WP Vs Blogger I am currently using the Effectus theme by reason I chose this.

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Thesis Awesome Blog Skin Thesis awesome is a best thesis skin gallery. In this best thesis skin gallery, “ Blog Skin ” is one of best skin with control panel options for wordpress thesis theme bloggers.

@Ganesh – Be sure to check out the new features in the release. I posted about it on my Thesis Theme blog here. Thesis Theme Revealed. There are so many new options that I’m having to do a series of blog posts to cover them all.

Thesis theme for blogger
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