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The UK’s leading manufacturer of advanced medical and asthetic lasers

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Learn more about Evidera's tailored peri- and post-approval medical writing and healthcare communication services to communicate evidence of value to payers, clinicians, and patients.

Medical Writing Services

Welcome to Polaris Medical Lasers - UK Laser Manufacturers. Polaris Medical is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of laser systems.

Scientific and Medical Writing Services

Polaris design a range of advanced medical laser machines for laser hair removal, tattoo removal and red vein removal. Jun 08,  · OVERVIEW.


More than 30 million Americans are currently living with diabetes, and one out of four don’t know it. 1 Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in The disease is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations, and adult-onset blindness.

GCP Compliance Auditing. Polaris offers a full suite of GCP auditing services. Clinical Research Organization (CRO) GCP Audits Assess medical writing capabilities; For on-going studies, ensure that the trial is being performed according to protocol and.

Medical Writing Services by Quanticate comes from a team with broad knowledge and experience drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, CROs and academia.

Polaris medical writing services
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