Models in the search for knowledge

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Logic Models

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Quotes for Knowledge

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The knowledge recorded in Cyc included common sense models of time, causality, physics, intentions, and many others. [8] The starting point for knowledge representation is the knowledge representation hypothesis first formalized by Brian C.

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Knowledge representation and reasoning

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Trial now and see for yourself how no other source has the maintenance, repair, and technical service bulletins patrons need for most years, makes, and models. BiGG Models is a knowledgebase of genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions.

BiGG Models integrates more than 70 published genome-scale metabolic networks into a single database with a set of stardized identifiers called BiGG IDs. GHQ Models is the largest manufacturer of unpainted World War I, World War 2 and modern military models, along with HO Scale models and N Scale model railroading models.

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Models in the search for knowledge
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Knowledge Management Models