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The reiterated assignment reads as follows:. CONFLICT AND STRUGGLE: THE ENEMIES OR PRECONDITIONS OF BASIC WRITING? Min-Zhan Lu Harlem taught me that light skin Black people was better look, the best to suceed. Chapter 2 - From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle Min-Zhan Lu, an English teacher at the University of Louisville, wrote this article to say what she could not to her mother before she died, as well as write down her experiences living in a world dominated by Western humanistic tradition versus Mao Tse-tung's Marxism.

s centering on Min-Zhan Lu’s controversial essay “Conflict and Struggle: The En- emies or Preconditions of Basic Writing?” In some ways, “Conflict and Struggle” blazed. - Min-Zhan Lu argues that, through her experience with languages as a child, she was able to learn the value of struggle in developing both one’s personal voice, and that such struggles offer individuals a greater knowledge of language and its use as a vehicle for ideas and expression.

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Haswell and Min-Zhan Lu add yet another important text to a growing literature in composition and rhetoric. The connection between the personal and the political is explored most powerfully as composition practitioners tell profoundly moving stories of their lives in the classroom.

An Analysis of From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle Through this essay, Min-zhan Lu depicts the struggles she faced growing up in China while speaking English.

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I feel the paragraph that best exemplifies this struggle is one found on page

Min zhan lu writing as struggle tattoos
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