Gdp should really stand for grossly

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more and more debt is needed just to stand still - you realise we are living (literally) on borrowed time.

GDP should really stand for Grossly Deceptive Product” The Economist What does GDP actually measure? When discussing about the economy of one country, people often talk about “Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The "real GDP" is really at least 4% lower than the officially reported figure.

The CPI is fully 3% lower than the calculation used beforecalled the "pre-Clinton" statistic by a shadow group before distortions were introduced and engrained. GDP – A Grossly Defective Product GDP – The Problem. that does not really explain the economic weakness in other areas of the economy.

Whole “ghost forests” poisoned by saltwater stand sentinel to rising tides.”. Talk:List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita/Archive 1 Jump to I agree. All of the 33 dependent territories - should really me indicated with their GDP figures, but shouldn't be ranked. Just as the "world" and the "european union" have been indicated with their GDP figures, but haven't been ranked.

As it stand we have two maps from. GDP should really stand for Grossly Deceptive Product” The Economist What does GDP actually measure? When discussing about the economy of one country, people often talk about “Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, there are a number of disagreements among economist about the value of GDP.

Gdp should really stand for grossly
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