Cavalry maiden

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Retailer of military & fantasy figures, miniatures models & busts. Hobby Kits. Her memoir, The Cavalry Mai She was the first known female officer in the Russian military. Her memoir, The Cavalry Maiden, is a significant document of its era because few junior officers of the Napoleonic wars published their experiences, and because it is one /5.

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The Cavalry Maiden, by: Nadezhda Durova and translated by Mary Fleming Zirin, is a journal about a Russian officer in the Napoleonic Wars. Nadezhda Durova is a woman who left home at age twenty-three to join a regiment. The third of a series of in-studio reports from Hiss From The Moat as we set-up the album for an early release on M-Theory Audio.

This time focusing on Guitars.

Nadezhda Durova

"When James and I started to write this album, we didn't expect something like this," explains guitarist Jack Poli. The Cavalry Maiden is a lively narrative which appeals in our own time as a unique and gripping contribution to the literature of female experience.

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Cavalry maiden
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